How to download Facebook videos to your computer fastest without software

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How to facebook video downloader without software, but through online Facebook video download tools in this article, will save you time when you want to download Facebook videos to your computer for offline viewing.

Along with the continuous development of the Facebook application when updating many new features, there is also an increase in demand for rich use of this social network. For example, want to download certain videos on Facebook to your computer or download Facebook videos on Android and iOS devices.

Note: The downloaded video should only be used for offline viewing, should not be posted, used for other purposes without the permission of the video creator, to avoid problems related to copyright.

1. How to facebook video downloader publicly and privately

This works for both public and private Facebook videos. Specific methods are as follows:

Step 1: Get the Facebook video link to download and copy.

Step 2: Go to, paste the download link in the address box> click Download:

Step 3: Wait for GetfbStuff to load the video, click the Download button at the video resolution you want to download

Step 4: Click the 3 vertical dots at the bottom right of the video, choose Download / Download to download the fb video to your computer and enjoy.

Note: In step 2, if the Facebook video link you paste in is a private video, the interface will be different and you need to click Private Downloader

The site will guide you to the next steps, including logging in to Facebook on a browser to download the video, getting the video link, viewing the page's source code, copying the page's source code and pasting it into the source code box and clicking

2. How to facebook video downloader using

First of all, visit at the link below:

The interface of the tool will be as shown below.

Then paste in the white box Enter Facebook Video URL of the online Facebook fbdown video download tool. Then click Download right next to.

Interface to download video on Facebook appears. Here, we can choose to download video with normal quality Download Video in Normal Quality, or download video with HD quality Download Video in HD.

A new interface appears, click the 3 vertical dots in the lower right corner of the video, select Download. Right after that you can watch videos downloaded on Facebook with specialized video playback software in your computer.

3. How to download videos on Facebook to your computer by

This video downloader is quite familiar to those who normally download YouTube videos, and it's very simple to do.

First of all, you can access the tool from the link below.

Open the video to download, right-click on the video, select Show URL, copy the video URL on Facebook.

At the interface of the program, we will paste the URL link into the white box Just insert a link. Then click on the arrow icon next to it. Immediately after that appeared the video download frame below. You can choose SD or HD video quality when you click on the blue drop-down arrow.

A new window will appear, play the video you need to download, right-click and select Save video as / Save video as or press Ctrl + S to save the video to your computer. Alternatively, you can click on the small 3 dots on the video and then select Download. Then, you also open the video using video players as usual.

4. Download Facebook video with Filevid

Access link:

Usage is very simple, it is identical to the two online services above, FBdown and SaveFrom, you just need to copy the path of the video to download and paste into the Search / Download box as shown below: The system will take the direct link to the MP4 video file of the Facebook video, if the video is HD 720, Filevid will also provide both SD and HD options for you to download. This depends on the original clip's quality when uploading the video. But that's okay, when you download Facebook videos to your computer, the clip file is always in the form of a sequence of numbers mp4.

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