7 Questions To Ask Your Criminal Defence Lawyer Before Hiring Them

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We all know the fact that criminal cases are tough to handle. You must seek the help of such a criminal defense lawyer who has the appropriate knowledge and experience to handle your criminal case adequately. You must consider the facts that you must know the person while you are hiring a criminal lawyer to handle your case.  

In Forbes study, they have also supported the fact that you must question your criminal defense lawyer before hiring them. If you blindly believe your lawyer, then you may ground yourself in a trap for not getting a satisfactory result from the jury during the trial. 

Important questions you must ask Your Criminal Defense lawyers 

There are several vital questions that you should ask your criminal defence lawyer before you seek their help from your end. Therefore, let's get the details of it to understand the matter in a better way. 

1. Will Your Lawyer Personally Handle Your Case? 

Some firms have lots of lawyers under them. If too many people handle your case, there will be confusion, and the chances of error will also increase. It would be best if you talked with your lawyer regarding that. 

You must be sure that the lawyer with whom you have rapport will be the same person who will handle your case in the court. It will help you to improve the process of communication better. If you are searching for criminal defence in GA, then their contribution will prove to be vital. 

2. How Often Your Lawyer Can Make Court Appearances?  

Many criminal lawyers want to settle your case by making plea bargains and may possess a little experience in the court. It can prove to be a disaster if your criminal case is a bit complicated.   

It would be best if you asked your lawyer whether he will be present at the court at the time of trial or not. It will help you to understand the potential of your lawyer, who is fighting in your favor.   

3. What Areas Of Criminal Law Your Lawyer Has Experience? 

There are several types of criminal cases that your lawyer needs to handle. You must inquire about the fact whether your lawyer possesses the required experience in the same field as per your need.  

It would be best if you had a clear idea about your lawyer's knowledge so that you can win the case in the court smoothly.   

4. How Long Your Lawyer Is Handling Criminal Defense Cases?   

You must have the right knowledge about the experience of your lawyer in handling criminal defense cases. For how many years he is practicing such cases like you. Along with that, you must also enquire about the success rate of your lawyer.   

The experience of your lawyer matters a lot if you win the case in court. You cannot neglect this vital fact from your end. 

5. What Type Of Fee Your Lawyer Charges? 

You must be sure of the fact that what type of fees your lawyer is charging. Depending on your case, your lawyer may charge you the fees upfront, or some lawyers charge fees to their client after they have won the case for them.   

You must be sure of the fact about the types of fees your lawyer may charge you. Otherwise, you can become confused about arranging the fees of your lawyer. 

6. How Much Your Attorney Charges For Their Services? 

It would be best to ask this question in advance to your lawyer how much they should charge for their services. It will help you to keep you financially ready for making arrangements for money in advance.   

It is the most vital question that you cannot ignore from your endpoint as it will bother you a lot later. 

7.Do Your Lawyer Charges Extra Fees? 

It would be best if you had a clear idea that your lawyer charges some extra fees from you apart from the case's regular fees. 

The extra fees depend on the complexity of your case. You must know this fact about your lawyer in advance.   


Your criminal defense lawyer must understand your current situation. You must have the right knowledge about the potential of your lawyers, especially in criminal cases. You cannot consider things for granted. You must cross-check the entire background of the lawyer properly. 

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